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Kettlebells for MMA eBook

Discover awesome Kettlebell exercise and workouts that will have you gasping for air. These workouts are designed to get you fit fast. with highly functional movements building core strength and power these workouts are a must for any MMA fighter.

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Core strength for MMA

Core strength is so important for MMA fighters and grapplers in general. with these movements you will devleop functional core strength that will develop your overall punching, kicking and rotational power

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Speed and agility for MMA

This ebook is stacked full of speed and agility exercise designed to get you moving at a higher velocity. This eBook is great for all lightweight wrestlers or Judo players as well as for any fighter looking at increasing their overall speed and agility.

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Powerful medicine ball exercises for MMA

This manual will show yo how to develop explosiveness with only a medicine ball Use these movements at the beginning or end of your workout to quickly and easily develop your explosiveness


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